- 10:30
Session I: Developers behind the 15GW-plus pipeline of new utility solar farms in the UK today
  • Companies & investors driving the new revolution in large-scale solar farm building in the UK out to 2030.
  • Which companies are pure-play developers, which are part of joint-venture activities, and which ones are likely to develop/build/own/operate in the long-term?
  • How many of the sites are stand-alone PV or co-located with battery storage or wind farms?
 - 12:30
Session II: Mega-solar (100-500 MW) sites (NSIP & local government) under development: when, where & how?
  • What is driving the >49.9MWp-dc capacity site identification & development today?
  • How many major infrastructure solar projects are under development, and where are they located (England, or via Scottish or Welsh Government overview)?
  • What are the remaining challenges to construction starting on these large mega-solar sites, and what are the realistic timelines to grid-connection?
 - 15:30
Session III: Latest advances in PV modules, inverters & trackers: understanding current state-of-the-art performance & reliability metrics
  • Session will examine the technical advances in PV modules and inverters in the past few years, in particular in comparison to much of the UK’s multi-GW of solar farm build-out under FiTs and ROCs.
  • Aside from power and efficiency increases, how are component costs trending in 2021 and beyond?
  • Review of tracker features and benefits when combined with bifacial modules.
 - 17:30
Session IV: Large-scale plant design for yield optimization: maximizing bifacial modules & trackers for UK sites
  • Dedicated session on designing solar farms to maximize ROI, based on the latest technologies available.
  • Topics & speakers to inform planning community in particular, in addition to any new entrants to solar sector.