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We are committed to delivering ROI and optimising your time and budget; whether you want to fuel a sales team with new leads, heighten your brand or launch new products, no one is better placed to help than our team.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Lead Generation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sales Cycles

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thought Leadership

Sponsorship Opportunities

Innovation & Leadership

Sponsorship Opportunities

Relationship Building

Sponsorship Opportunities

Brand Recognition

Make sure you make best use of your time, develop new business opportunities with guaranteed 1-2-1 meetings on site in London.

Accelerate decisions by accessing qualified decision makers responsible for solar deployment across the UK & Europe

Present a case study, ensuring the market is fully conscious of the unique benefits of your solutions and advantages of partnering or investing in you

Join a panel and strengthen your commitment to driving solar deployment and position yourself as a key enabler

Network and have fun with attendees, cementing your position as a leading partner of choice when implementing solar projects

Amplify your brand around the event and ensure you are front of mind with qualified decision makers and industry stakeholders


Sponsorship Packages

The UK Solar Summit is far more than just another solar event – our unique proposition is that we are obsessed with delivering unique insights creating dialogue and partnerships.

Your customers attend this summit to better understand the technology disrupting the market, build strong partnerships with new and existing customers and to seek help with making the right investment decisions.

As UK Solar Summit evolves at pace and we see more projects in the pipeline, only the most innovative players will succeed; now is the time to invest in marketing and business development that puts your unique proposition and brand at the forefront of decision makers minds.


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Abigail Vials

Head of Sales, Solar & Green Hydrogen
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Ben Smith

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