Brian Milnes Speaker at UK Solar Summit

Brian Milnes

Deputy Leader, South Cambs District Council, Lead Member for the Environment South Cambs District Council

Brian was a late starter in the world of politics, and had never been the member of any political party before 2015. He joined the Lib Dems as a mark of solidarity with Nick Clegg, after the electoral thrashing of that year.

Since then he has found himself elected to the Parish Council, the District Council and more recently the County Council. He was part of Lib Dem Group that took surprise control of the District in 2018 overturning a strong Tory majority to win 30 out of 45 seats. This has, in the recent 2022 election, been increased to a 35 seat majority. The County Council is controlled, since 2021, by a Joint Administration of Lib Dem, Labour and Independent members, again overturning the well-established Tory position.

He has held a Cabinet role on the District Council for some years, and in 2022 took on the role of Deputy Leader. He has maintained his responsibility for the Environment, as one of the 5 pillars of the Council’s policy. He has overseen the project to decarbonise the Refuse Collection fleet, including the early purchase of three Electric waste trucks. These will be charged through a renewable energy, solar powered micro-grid adjacent to the depot. The Council also has decarbonised its own home, South Cambs Hall, with a combination of Ground Source Heat pumps and a Solar Energy Grid, providing much lower energy costs than from the utility companies.

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