Optimal Storage Collocation With Solar Assets

Time: 10:30 - 11:20

Date: Day Two - 28 June


Collocation of solar and storage assets is the obvious answer to intermittency and growing issues around the grid and networks but like all easy answers, it’s not that simple! This session will get into some of the nitty-gritty around collocation of batteries and solar…

  • Equipment selection and supply chain – the challenge of relying on different suppliers and timelines
  • What do you need from your grid connection(s)?
  • How to size the battery to get the best results
  • Siting and planning questions to ask
  • Ownership and SPV options for the project
  • What will your revenue models be?
  • Structuring offtake agreements
  • How much merchant risk you are allowed to take/want to take?
  • Modelling the battery’s performance and behaviour against the solar curve
  • Metering arrangements for a storage asset


  • Poppy MaltbyPoppy Maltby Head of Cities and Regions - Head of Cities and Regions
  • Adam VaczAdam Vacz Country Manager - Sunova Solar Technology
  • Peter BoltonPeter Bolton Investment Director, Renewable Energy - Gresham House plc
  • Tadgh CullenTadgh Cullen Head of Energy Storage - Cero Generation
  • Joshua MurphyJoshua Murphy Head of Storage - Econergy Renewable Energy

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